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Lost Time.

Today Sam came home from school early, his head was aching and he just felt 'blah'. The weather has really dialled up the temp gauge today and I suspect that was the cause.
A few hours later he came to me asking if we could take the bikes to the local track.
I looked at the time and told him the most I'd be able to allow would be an hour after we picked Phoebe up from school, and I questioned whether it really worth it?
His answer, yes - I reluctantly agreed, knowing full well how painfully long my to-do list was / still is!
Upon arriving at the tracks he realised the helmets were left at home. So again, off I reluctantly went to grab the helmets. It should be said that I was very tempted to pull the pin on the whole exercise.
As I pulled in our driveway a thought whizzed through my mind, two words: stuff it!
Stuff it all!
There was once a time we'd take every moment we had and squish it with as much fun and adventure we could manage, but there I was ignoring a perfect opportunity and for what? I had to fold the laundry? I had to drop some paperwork in? I have to - what? What is so bloody important that it prevents me from hanging out with my kids for an hour - nothing!
So, I grabbed the helmets and as I was walking out the door decided the dog deserved an outting, so I shoved her in the car too.
I have just finished walking through the bush, and am currently sitting by the edge of a track watching the kids have a blast - the cool breeze blowing through the trees is a most welcomed gift.
Somewhere along the line I'd forgotten the power of an hour, the bliss and peace that can be achieved by hitting the pause button for just a few minutes.
Today my son reminded me of this... A lesson John and I have spent 13 years teaching, today that lesson got taught to me.

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