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Tours and Workshops

Author talks. 
What does it take to be a published author? How do you draw up the emotion required for a character?
My talks cover all of this, plus an overview of the publishing process.




Although I cover a lot of information during my talks, it's not the same as a workshop. 

My workshops are designed to dig deep. I want you to leave having learnt something - not just about the writing process, but how to really draw up emotion. How to create that connection between yourself and your reader. 

Don't think the connection exists? Honestly, neither did I - until I experienced it. 


Starting at just $30 per person, email me at

Also, be sure to ask about my school presentations! 

School presentations are a bit different to workshops. Kids want to be interactive; they learn on the fly - so that's the way we do it! 

I demonstrate how to outline a novel, develop characters and to add emotion into the words - in a super fun, inclusive way!