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2023 Author Talk and Workshops

Where reality and fantasy meet in undying unity.
2023 Author Talks and Workshops.
  • Dickson Library Canberra: Feb 17 - 6pm
  • Leeton Library Feb 20 - time 3:30pm
  • Tumut Library Feb 21 - 10:30 am
  • Bland Library (West Wyalong) Feb 22 - 10:30am (Talk and Workshop)
  • Coolamon Library Feb 23 - 10am 
  • Deniliquin Library Feb 24 - 1 pm (Talk and Workshop)
  • Barham Library Feb 25 - 10 am 
  • Echuca Library Feb 26 - 2:30 pm
  • Mathoura Library Feb 27 - 10am 
  • Please contact your local library for more information or to book a spot.


If you are attending a workshop, please bring along:

- A laptop (if you have access to one)

- Notepad and a pen


Are you nervous to attend a workshop? Is the voice in the back of your head whispering nasty words of negativity? Are you concerned you're not worthy?

Every great hero has a moment where they're called into greatness. They step beyond the confines of their home and venture out into the world beyond. Trials and tribulations lay ahead - but what is a great adventure without obstacles?

This is your cue - this is your invite to step into the world you are destined for. This is the moment you choose to become all you can be. Make the choice to break from your frozen state and take the first step of what will be your epic adventure.