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About Me

I used to watch as other children ran around the playground. They would climb ladders and swing off branches. All the while, I would wish for that to be me. I wanted to a warrior, climb mountains and swim through fierce rivers. 

My birth deformity and disability had other plans for me. Much of my childhood was filled with surgeons, wheelchairs, crutches and a fair amount of pain.

Some people believe in destiny. Others are certain they hold true at the helm of their future. 

I don't know which one is correct, I suppose I never will. All I know is, if it hadn't been for my surgeries as a child, or for all the times I missed out on playing with other kids - I would not be a writer today. 

You see, I would sit on the sidelines with nothing to do but entertain myself. My mind would wander to faraway places, and in those places, I was not a child in a wheelchair - I was fearless and unstoppable.

In my very young years - before I was taught how to read and write properly - I would write stories of goblins and witches. Of course, I didn't have the vocabulary at that young age to express what I desired to say. So, instead I would draw a small picture in place of a word. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself an author. Each day I get to dive into another world, meet new people, and take them on epic adventures. 

I am now 36 years old and each time I pick up a pen, the five year old inside me cries out in pure delight.