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Scones and mountain bikes

It was 10pm and we were all fairly exhausted from a weekend full of mountain bike riding - Sam most so.
He and his friends had tackled one of the harder tracks and although John had ridden it with him the day prior, it was still an unpredictable and treacherous ride.
Sam made the (almost) fatal mistake of touching the front brake a little too hard, the back wheel spun out, threw him off, landing him in a blackberry bush while the bike hung precariously on the edge the track that directly dropped to the creek below.
After he and his friends assessed that no bones were broken, they took a look the the bike - the front wheel sat perpendicular to the handle bars and was not able to be ridden.
They helped him to one of their houses where they were able to straighten the wheel and ride back to us - we had no idea any of this had happened!
Sam was sore, bruised and grazed in many places but overall, okay - thank god! He's very lucky to have such awesome friends.
So, at 10pm Sam came to me with a request, 'Mum, I know it's late, but I have a huge craving for cheese and chive scones. Could you please make some? Maybe some normal ones with jam and cream for the others?''
Um - midnight snack - hell yes!
After a huge weekend filled with lots of adventure, I do believe this was the most perfect way to finish it off. 💖

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