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The Christmas Break

Generally we'd be off on some epic adventure, but due to Covid and possible reinstatement of restrictions we've decided to stay local.
Instead of climbing a mountain, canoeing a river, or eating delicious food by a lake, I am sitting outside watching a machine wash my clothes.
I do have one of those whiz-bang machines that automatically puts water in, decides when it's full and drains all by itself (modern technology, so fancy!), but that requires plumbing, taps and a trough - all things I currently do not have and won't for a little while, might have to start cracking the whip!
The other day John noticed an ad on buy swap sell. This little beauty -a twin tub washing machine for you who are scratching your heads - was out the front of a house with a sign 'free to good home!' Well, it's found a good home!
Although it's a bit of a pain, it sure beats hand washing. And on the plus side it's a good excuse to sit out in the glorious sunshine.
I do believe a glass of wine is required while doing the washing, am I right? 🍷

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