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We don't give our children Christmas presents

This photo was taken almost a decade ago and it represents so much more than salty lips and sandy toes. This was the year John (my husband) and I decided we wouldn't give our kids Christmas presents. 

I can feel your hackles bristling and see your brows furrowing, so let me explain... We were young parents, I was 19 when I had my first bubba boy which money was not in plentiful supply. 

Something we noticed was the lack of enduring enjoyment with toys, it seemed after working our butts off for an entire year to purchase the presents they wound up at the bottom of the toy box after a few months. To us that was just lunacy.

So, we piled the kids in the car, shoved a tent in the boot, filled a few boxes with delicious treats an roared off to the beach! 

This Christmas our kids are 13&10 and the topic of discussion is not what presents we'll be buying or how will be deal with extreme financial hardship after the silly season has passed, our discussions include what new places we'll visit and what incredible memories we'll make.

Covid has certainly put a damper on our potential expeditions this year, but we know that no matter what direction we set off in, an adventure will ensue.






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