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Tethered - Book 2 - Signed Copy (J.S. Davidson)

Tethered - Book 2 - Signed Copy (J.S. Davidson)

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Book 2 of The Aztec Saga series.

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 The second installment of the heart-stopping Aztec Saga

Time no longer has any meaning. Months may have passed since I awoke in this cell, or perhaps only mere hours have slipped by.

Turning my head, I look away from the boxes upon the table. I cannot look at them. I cannot think of their contents.

The key sits in the middle of the floor, each time my eyes move past it I am reminded of an escape within my reach, but an escape I can never take.

Picking the blank notepad up, I poise my pen and begin to write. I begin to fill the pad with my memories of sailing the River of Tomorrow, and the Hanging Ones.

With every passing minute, the hope I hold for someone to come fades further into the internal abyss of emptiness growing in my soul…


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