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Breakfast With You





Breakfast With You


Ella Stone

Facing a past you've spent a decade trying to hide is bad enough, but holding onto it is even worse.

Ten years ago Nicole closed the door on her home and swore to never return. Her secret had to remain exactly that - secret.
Since that day, her life has changed completely. She is now a famous influencer and lives a life of luxury with her life-long partner, Eddie. They are a powerful duo and envied by all.

The plan is simple. Nicole will return to her hometown for her father's funeral, keep a low profile, and slip back to Sydney before anyone from her old life can press her about the truth.

She will avoid the man she left all those years ago because if he learns of her secret - the thought is too devastating to consider. The only problem is, he will be staying in the same house as her, and the more time she spends with Cam, the more she begins to question her relationship with Eddie.

Did she make the wrong choice leaving ten years ago?

Will her arrival be as straightforward as she hopes, or will it shake loose old relationships and force her to face a truth she's tried to keep hidden?
'Just finished “Breakfast with you” and I totally enjoyed it. I had actually started reading another book just prior to getting my copy, and had no intention of even opening your book until I had finished, but I couldn’t help myself and ended up devouring it over a couple nights.
I felt like I recognised most of the characters in both of her worlds. I enjoyed the contrast between her two worlds; Kardashians meets Farmer Wants a Wife, it highlighted how sometimes all that glitters is not necessarily gold and also how abuse is not always physical, very important messages.
Thanks for a great read, something I needed this week.'



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