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J.S. Davidson / Ella Stone

Jansheree Davidson (Jan) - who you may know better as J.S. Davidson or Ella Stone - is an Australian author -

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Why have 2 pen names?

Most authors have a bunch of pen names. It helps readers understand what genre they're going to be reading. J.S. Davidson is fantasy-thrillers, whereas Ella Stone is Australian Romantic Drama - pretty cool, huh?


Who is Jan?

Jan met John (the cameraman) when she was just sixteen and a few years later they welcomed Sam (the pilot) into the world, followed by our own fashionista, Phoebe. 

Stories have always been a deep passion of Jan's life. When she was young, her childhood was filled with surgeries to help her walk - surgeries which are still ongoing today. During her time in hospital, she devoured stories, whether they were delivered via film, book, or audio - anything to keep her mind occupied and whisked her imagination away from her latest surgery.

'There's something about creating characters that makes me feel alive. Seeing the world through someone else's perspective is such a special thing to do.'

Jan has a bunch of books out, with more books to be released soon. You can check them out here - J.S.Davidson/EllaStone