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One Day...



One Day is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Alana. 

A few years ago I was faced with a decision, a life altering decision. Alana gave me a piece of advice, and I think of it almost every day;

'One day you are going to die. Therefore, one day you will be dying. In the final moments of your life, as you lie there taking your final breaths, what do you want to be thinking of?  Do you want your memories to be filled with little but work? The love in your life nothing but purchased objects? What do you want to be thinking of?'

My life was slipping by without me noticing, my children were growing up, and friends were fading away. I made my decision and it was terrifying. But now, when Death comes for me, when my final breaths are taken, my mind will be filled with glorious memories.