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A Free Gift

The connection between the author and the reader is profound. When a reader picks up a book from an author they haven't experienced yet, there is a lot of trust required. 
Will the words on these pages make me feel the way I want? Will the stories give me what I need? 
Here is a small sampling of my work as both J.S. Davidson and my other pen name Ella Stone.
Please, take it as a small gift from me. 
Remember, never stop dreaming.




The Avrid
J.S. Davidson
Shortlisted for The Binge Reading Cure.

'My metallic eye whirls and groans inside its socket. A shudder rumbles through the walls of Station 4 – my station – sending pieces of glass hurtling to the floor. Soon the veil between worlds will rip open and the Avrid armies will invade Earth. I and thousands of other Avrids stand at our designated stations ready to lead the armies to predesignated safe locations for the final conquest....'

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Farewell to You
Ella Stone
The day should have been dark and stormy. Rain and hail pounding against the windows, wind howling through the trees, and threatening to crash branches to the ground.
But the storm existed only within Nicole, her soul contorting and her mind a blur of heartache and sorrow. Chirping birds sung happily as they fluttered from tree to tree, blissfully unaware of Nicole’s situation.

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